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Alderman, Pastor Max-Christian Stewardship-© none-Practical Christian Living

Alderman, Pastor Max-Strategy of Preaching-© none-Hermeneutics

Alderman, Pastor Max-General Outline Studies on the Gospel of Mark-© 2003-New Testament

Alderman, Pastor Max-Bible Believers Handbook: The Gospel of John-© 2002-New Testament

Alderman, Pastor Max-Paul's Writings: Ephesians to Titus-©-New Testament

Alderman, Pastor Max-Philippians: General Study Outline Series-© NC-New Testament

Alderman, Pastor Max-Hebrews: Looking Unto JESUS-© none-New Testament

Alderman, Pastor Max-General Study Outline Series: Revelation of Jesus Christ-© 2004-New Testament

Alderman, Pastor Max-Revelation: An Alliterated Exposition of the Last Book in the Bible-© none-New Testament

Alderman, Pastor Max-Genesis: A Verse-by-Verse Study Outline-© none-Old Testament

Alderman, Pastor Max-Balancing Out Your Prayer Life-© 2010-Prayer

Alderman, Pastor Max -THE SEVEN CHURCHES OF ASIA-© 2005-Church Issues

Allen, Frank-Acts of the Apostles-© 1931-New Testament

Appelman, Hyman - Come Unto Me - © 1945 - Sermons

Appelman, Hyman-God's Answer to Man's Sin-© 1940-Sermons

Appelman, Hyman-Gospel of Salvation-© 1941-Sermons

Appelman, Hyman-The Saviour's Invitation-© 1944- Sermons

Appelman, Hyman-Ye Must Be Born Again and Other Sermons-© 1939-Sermons

Appelman, Hyman-When the World is on Fire-© 1962-Sermons

Armerding, Carl-Esther for such a time as this -© 1955-Old Testament

Authors, Various-Demon Experiences In Many Lands-© 1960- False Systems

Authors, Various-Prophetic Word in Crisis Days-© 1961-Prophecy

Authors, Various - The Second Coming of Christ - © 1896 - Prophecy

Ayer, William Ward - Seven Saved Sinners or How God Saves Men: A Study of God's Varieties of Religious Experience in Acts - © 1937 - Salvation


Bailey, Alma-Step By Step Through The Bible With Children-© 1937-Christian Education

Bailey, Faith Coxe-These, Too, Were Unshackled: 15 Dramatic Stories From the Pacific Garden Mission-© 1962-Unshackled Stories

Bartlett, C. Norman-Galatians And You-© 1948-New Testament

Bartlett, C. Norman-Right in Romans: Studies in the Epistle of Paul to the Romans-© 1953-New Testament

Benson, Clarence H.-Christian Teacher-© 1950-Christian Education

Bickersteth, Edward H.-Rock of Ages: Scripture Testimony to the One Eternal Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Ghost-© 1871-JESUS CHRIST

Biederwolf, William-Evangelistic Messages-© 1952-Sermons

Bonar, Horatius-Night of Weeping: Why GOD's Children Suffer-© 1845-Chastisement

Boone, Edward-Ruth's Romance of Redemption-© 1936-Old Testament

Bowen, Barbara-Strange Scriptures that Perplex the Western Mind-© 1944-Bible Study

Boyd, Robert-First Words to Young Christians: How to Make a Success of the Christian Life-© 1860-Discipleship

Boyd, Robert-GLAD TIDINGS, or Believe And Live-© 1860- Sermons

Brooks, Keith L.-The Jews and the Passion for Palestine-© 1938- Prophecy

Broughton, Len G. - Up From Sin: The Fall and Rise of a Prodigal - © 1900 - Christian Life

Bueltmann, A. J.-White Queen of the Cannibals: The Story of Mary Slessor of Calabar-© none-Missions


Canfield, Carolyn L.-See the Glory-© 1951-Missions

Carroll, B. H.-Studies In Romans-© 1935-New Testament

Carter, W. N. - The Shames of Christendom - © 1930 - Israel

Caylor, John - THE GREAT "I AM'S" OF JESUS - © 1957 - Christology

Chafer, Lewis Sperry-He That Is Spiritual-© 1918-Practical Christian Living

Chafer, Lewis Sperry-Kingdom in History and Prophecy-© 1915-Prophetic Themes

Chafer, Lewis Sperry-Grace-© 1922-Soul Winning General

Chafer, Lewis Sperry-Salvation-© 1917-Salvation Assurance

Chafer, Lewis Sperry-True Evangelism: Or Winning Souls by Prayer Winning Souls by Prayer Winning Souls by Prayer-© 1919-Soul Winning General

Cohn, Joseph H.-I Have Loved Jacob-© 1948- Israel

Cohn, Leopold - A Modern Missionary to an Ancient People - © 1911 - Israel

Cook, Harold-Introduction to the Study of Christian Missions-© 1954-Missions

Corbin, Bruce-Tabernacle in the Wilderness: Concerning Sin and Death and the Divinely Provided Way of Salvation-© 1951-Jewish Life

Cross, Joseph-Life and Portraiture of Christmas Evans-© 1846-Christian Biography

Cummins, Robert-Gethsemane-© 1944-JESUS CHRIST


Dahlin, John E.-Prophetic Truth for Today: Unveiling the End Time Events-© 1961-Prophecy

Dencher, Ted-The Watchtower heresy versus the Bible-© 1961-False Systems

Dixon, A. C.-Through Night to Morning-© none-Sermons

Dolman, Dirk K.-Simple Talks on the Tabernacle-© 1954-Old Testament

Dreyer, F. C. H.-Roman Catholicism in the light of Scripture-© 1960-False Systems

Durbanville, Henry-Winsome Christianity-© 1952-Devotional

Durgin, Tom- Tongues: A Biblical Perspective-© none-False Systems


Ellis, William T.-Billy Sunday: The Man and His Message-© 1914-Christian Biography

Epp, Theodore-Brief Outline of Things to Come: A Compilation-© 1952-Prophetic Themes

Epp, Theodore-CHRIST Speaks to the Churches: Letters to the Seven Churches of Revelation 1-3 -© 1960-Prophetic Themes

Evans, William-Shepherd's Psalm-© 1921-Devotional

Evans, William- Great Doctrines of the Bible-© 1912-Doctrinal


Fisher, Hattie-Aunt Hattie's Bible Stories for Children-© 1941-Christian Education

Fisher, Harriet I.-The Story of Moses for Young People-© 1951-Children's Studies

Fisher, Harriet I.-The Story of Daniel for Boys and Girls-© 1936- Children's Studies

Fisher, Harriet I.-The Story of Peter and the Story of Ruth-© 1952-Children's Bible Stories

Fitt, Arthur Percy - MOODY STILL LIVES: Word Pictures of D. L. Moody - © 1936 - Biography

Fuchs, Daniel-How to Reach the Jew for Christ: A Manual-© 1943-Israel

Fuller, Charles-Tabernacle in the Wilderness-© 1955-Jewish Life


Gaebelein, Arno-Acts of the Apostles: An Exposition-© 1912-New Testament

Gartenhaus, Jacob-The Influence of Jews Upon Civilization-© 1943-Missions

Gartenhaus, Jacob-Winning Jews to Christ: A Handbook to Aid Christians in Their Approach to the Jews-© 1963-Missions

Gibbs, Alfred-Dreamer and His Wonderful Dream: The Story of John Bunyan and The Pilgrim's Progress-© 1935-Devotional

Gibbs, Alfred -Worship: The Christian's Highest Occupation-© 1950-Practical Christian Living

Goforth, Rosalind-Climbing: Memories of A Missionaries Wife-© 1945-Missions

Goforth, Rosalind-How I Know That GOD Answers Prayers: The Personal Testimony of One Life-Time- © 1921-Prayer

Gray, James M.-Synthetic Bible Studies of the Books of the New Testament-© 1906-New Testament

Gray, James M.-Synthetic Bible Studies of the Books of the Old Testament-© 1906-Old Testament

Greene, Oliver B.-Epistle of Paul to the Galatians: A Verse by Verse Study-© 1962-New Testament

Greene, Oliver B.-Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians: A Verse by Verse Study-© 1963-New Testament

Greene, Oliver B.-Revelation of JESUS CHRIST: A Verse by Verse Study-© 1963-New Testament

Griffith-Thomas, W. H.-How We Got Our Bible And Why We Believe that It is GOD's Word-© 1926-Bible

Griffith-Thomas, W. H.-Methods of Bible Study-© 1903-Bible

Grounds, Vernon C.-The Reason for Our Hope-© 1945-

Guthrie, Thomas - THE GOSPEL IN EZEKIEL: Illustrated in a Series of Discourses on Chapter 36 - © 1862 - Old Testament



Habershon, Ada-Study of the Types-© 1900-Typology


Halverson, Richard C.-Prologue to Prison: Paul's Epistle to the Romans-© 1954-New Testament

Hamilton, Gavin-TheBible: AMiracleBook-© 1940-Bible Study

Hankins, Joe Henry-Old-Time Religion: 12 Fervent, Soul-Winning Sermons-© 1947-Sermons

Hankins, Joe Henry- Triumph of the Cross-© 1951-Sermons

Harrison, Norman-His Side Versus Our Side-Overview of Galatians Or, What is a TRUE Christian?-© 1947-New Testament

Harrison, Norman-His In A Life of Prayer-© 1927-Doctrine

Harrison, Norman-His in Joyous Experience: Paul's Epistle to the Philippians-© 1926-New Testament

Harrison, Norman - His Indwelling Presence: Intimate Studies in the Things of the Spirit - © 1928 - Doctrine

Harrison, Norman-Life, Love and Light-The Gospel of John and First Epistle of John- © 1929-New Testament

Haskin, Dorothy-Practical Primer on Prayer-© 1951-Prayer

Haskin, Dorothy-Soul Winning: The Christian's Business-© 1959-Soul Winning General

Haskin, Dorothy C.-Stars for Sylvia-© 1953-Children's Studies

Havergal, Frances Ridley-Kept for the Master's Use-© 1895-Devotiona

lHavner, Vance-Blood, Bread and Fire: The Christian's Threefold Experience-© 1939-Christian Life

Hedstrom, Bernhard C.-Pay-Day . . . Some Day-© 1938-Sermons

Henry, Carl F. H.-Pacific Garden Mission: A Doorway to Heaven-© 1942-Unshackled Stories

Heslop, William-Diamonds From Daniel-© 1937-Old Testament

Heslop, William-Diamonds From Daniel-© 1937-Old Testament

Heslop, William - Rubies From Ruth - © 1944 - Old Testament

Heslop, William-Seeds From the Psalms-© 1956-Old Testament

Hewlett, H. C.-Companion of the Way-© 1962-Fellowship with GOD

Hitchcock, Floyd-March of Empires-The Book of Daniel-© 1944-Old Testament

Hoyt, Herman-New Birth, The-© 1961-Soul Winning General

Humberd, Russell-Book of Revelation-© 1944-New Testament

Hutchens, Paul-Know-So Christian: "I know whom I have believed"-© 1933-Salvation Assurance

Hutchens, Paul-When GOD Says "No!"-© 1943-Devotional





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