The Book of Revelation


Russell I. Humberd


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by R.I. Humberd

edited for 3BSB by Baptist Bible Believer in the spirit of the Colportage Ministry of a century ago

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(Please note that chapters 2 and 3 are combined)


Time has passed; weeks have come and gone;
faithfully and patiently he has laboured on
- words have been built into paragraphs;
line has been laid upon line
periods and commas have been put into place
- and now as the book nears completion,
it is with a sincere desire that he work
just as faithfully for his Lord,
that I dedicate this book to my son

Jesse D. Humberd



The last book of the Bible reveals to all who have the spirit of discernment, exactly what the world's harvest of iniquity is to be - and what is to be the glorious consummation in the days when all evil shall have been put down by the King of Kings. World events today clearly indicate that the climax pictured in the Book of Revelation cannot be far away.

We are always happy to find a teacher who proceeds on the theory that the Bible is its own best commentary. This is particularly true when it comes to a portion of Scripture containing much use of symbolical language.

This type of study has been the method of Brother Humberd, for which reason it has not been necessary through the years for him to constantly revise his writings. As a student of prophecy, I find much satisfaction in the expositions herein contained and gladly recommend the book to all who would like to have a better understanding of Revelation.

Keith L. Brooks, D. D.


"Recently it was my privilege to teach the book of Revelation, verse by verse, on the radio. In preparation for this series of studies, reference was made to a great many commentaries, ancient and modern. I found none more helpful for the purpose desired in this connection, than Mr. Humberd's commentary, of which this present edition is the third.

"He has done an excellent piece of work in presenting deep, involved, and in many respects, controversial truths, in a clear, simple and concise manner. One who had never studied the book of Revelation would find Mr. Humberd's book a great help as an introduction to an understanding of it.

I thoroughly recommend it, and shall continue to do so, with the prayer that GOD will give it ever-widening ministry."

Wendell P. Loveless
Wheaton, Illinois 1947

Testimonials continued

"Few of the commentaries that have been written on this profound and mysterious book are as sound and as simple as this one - This is a splendid volume to put into the hands of young people, especially those who have not had the opportunity to read more elaborate studies of Revelation."

Moody Monthly

"One of the best commentaries."

Prophecy Monthly


"And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a BLOOD after the woman" (Revelation 12:15).

For one brief moment the reading continued, and then it came to a sudden halt - - - "The word is FLOOD!" - - - just that one word, but uttered in disgust and hurled up from behind the stove by a little lad who was wriggling and thumping about upon the floor.

And well do I remember the exclamation of surprise as my father paused, looked back over his reading and realized that the little boy, whom he thought was not hearing a word, really knew more about that strange and mysterious book than he himself had known. How foolish, cries modern unbelief, for a father to read the Book of Revelation to a little boy when even grownups do not understand its strange message.

But that book did have a message for my little heart as I read it through and through; wondering at the strange beasts and startled at the fearful judgments; believing every word, yet not understanding a single one of its symbolic meanings. But somehow the message of those pages was stored away, far back in the dark archives of my young mind, ready to be marshaled forth in later years when the HOLY SPIRIT would begin to reveal "The Revelation" and give its strange symbols a real and vital meaning for the times in which we live.

The Lord is coming suddenly: happy will be the obedient student of The Book of Revelation.

The Author

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