by Thomas R. Durgin


First published 2001

(This book is dedicated to the public domain and may be copied as desired.)


The Line Drawn

by Miles J. Stanford

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 TitleOwnerSize (Kb)
The Tongues Deception: A Biblical StudyThomas Durgin303.29

Preface          Page 2

Presuppositions         Page 3

Brief History of Corinth       Page 4

More Presuppositions and Keys to the Understanding 1 Corinthians 14     Page 6

The Beginning Point Page 8

Speaking in a “Tongue”        Page 9

Mark 16:17    Page 10

Three Historic Instances of Speaking with Tongues Page 11

The Holy Spirit and Speaking With Tongues           Page 15

Speaking With Tongues As Practiced By The Corinthians  Page 18

What was the Practice as Experienced in Corinth?  Page 18

The Seven Instances of Man's “Spirit” 14:2, 12, 14, 15a, 15b, 16, 32     Page 19

Did Paul Speak with Unknown Tongues?    Page 20

Were Tongues Languages?   Page 21

Brief Summary Outline of 1 Corinthians 12, 13, 14 Page 23

Tongues in 1 Corinthians 14 Page 24

Discussion Concerning Public Worship        Page 40

Concluding Remarks Page 42

Keys and Thoughts   Page 42


Contents — The Line Drawn


Chapter 1 Charismatic Questions   Page 45

Chapter 2 The Baptism by the Spirit          Page 47

Chapter 3 The Filling with the Spirit          Page 50

Chapter 4 True Tongues      Page 52

Chapter 5 Joel's Prophecy   Page 55

Chapter 6 No "Second Blessing"    Page 57

Chapter 7 Tongues in the Corinthian Church         Page 60

Chapter 8 Signs Retired      Page 63

Chapter 9 Baptism in Error Page 65

Chapter 10 The Seed Bed of Pseudo Demonism     Page 68

Chapter 11 God Sovereign — Satan Servant Page 71

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