The Christian’s Threefold Experience




Vance Havner

Pastor, First Baptist Church, Charleston, S. C

Author, “Amos, the Prophet with a Modern Message” “By the Still Waters,”

“Consider Him,” “Secret of Christian Joy


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IN presenting a second set of sermons to our readers, we are endeavoring to gather up chiefly from several Christian magazines, a number of our messages which the Lord has blessed to His glory. In His Name we offer them with the prayer that they may fulfill in some measure the prophet’s responsibility to speak to edification and exhortation and comfort (I Corinthians 14:3).

We gratefully acknowledge permission granted by the following magazines for publication of most of the sermons contained herein:

To Revelation, Philadelphia, for “Three Perils of Christian Discipleship,” “Playing in the Marketplace,” “What is a Christian?” “Needed . . . a Prophet.”

To Moody Monthly, Chicago, for “Shall We Crown or Crucify Jesus?” and “What is Your Life?”

To Light, Hollywood, Calif., for “Blood, Bread, and Fire.”

To King’s Business, Los Angeles, for “But God.”

V. H.

Charleston, S. C.

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