Sermon Seeds from the Psalms


William G. Heslop

Copyright @ 1956


edited for 3BSB by Baptist Bible Believer

~ out-of-print and in the public domain ~

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The Book of Psalms has been called, very properly, "an epitome of the Bible" (Athanasius, Luther). It reflects the cosmology of Genesis. It honors GOD's law, making of it the supreme subject-matter for the meditation of the godly. Its hymns express the praises to GOD which filled the hearts of saints in ages past, and they have lived to find their way to an important place in our best modern hymnals. The Psalms abound with a strain of triumph by GOD's people over the tests of life, and they point to the sure hope in GOD, which has been the boon of mortals from the times of early Genesis to the consummation of the Revelation.

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