The March of Empires - Daniel

by Floyd Hitchcock

Copyright © 1944

By Floyd Hitchcock

edited for 3BMB by Baptist Bible Believer in the spirit of the Colportage Ministry of a century ago

~ out-of-print and in the public domain ~

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01 – Part I - Introductory Lesson – The Babylonian Captivity – Daniel 1:1-2125.65
02 – Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah – The Name Change – Daniel 2:1-1335.91
03 – Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream – Daniel 2:19:3036.38
04 – Better to Die in a Furnace than to Disobey God's WORD – Daniel 3:1728.92
05 – The King’s Heart is Changed – Daniel 3:19-2524.76
06 – A Chapter Written by Nebuchadnezzar – Daniel 4:1-1829.99
07 – Belshazzar: Weighed and Found Wanting – Daniel 5:1-3127.53
08 – Daniel in the Lion’s Den – Daniel 6:1-2831.36
09 – Part II - Daniel’s Vision of the Four Beasts – Daniel 7:1-1237.60
10 – The Ten Horns on the Nondescript Beast – Daniel 7:13-1437.19
11 – The Little Horn – A Symbol of the Antichrist – Daniel 7:19-2035.40
12 – Antichrist to Be A Supreme Ruler for A Short Time – Daniel 8:1-1429.62
13 – Daniel’s Mistaken Idea Corrected – Daniel 8:15-2729.60
14 – The Wonderful Prayer of the Prophet – Daniel 9:1-1930.38
15 – Seventy Years Determined Upon Thy People and Thy Holy City – Daniel 9:20-2731.11
16 – The Message of the Seventy Weeks – Daniel 9:25-2726.56
17 – Part III - Daniel: A Man Greatly Beloved – Daniel 10:1-2126.53
18 – The Kings of the North and the Kings of the South – Daniel 11:1-2039.36
19 – Two Hundred Years of Fulfilled Prophecy – Daniel 11:25-3538.93
20 – The Antichrist of the Old Testament – Antiochus Epiphanes – Daniel 11:36-4529.43
21 – The Great Tribulation and Michael’s Defense of the Children of Israel – Daniel 12:1-1332.29

THE MARCH OF EMPIRESThe following study of an overview of the Book of Daniel was written around 1944 by Floyd Hitchcock, founder of the "Faith of Our Fathers" radio ministry. It is an uncopyrighted, and out-of-print work that is now being provided to GOD's family that gathers together here at the 3BMB web site, and is typed with the prayer that it will truly be a blessing to your heart.


-- From a book of prepared and dedicated to Brother Hitchcock by the staff of the radio program.

To the consistent faithfulness of our founder, Floyd Hitchcock whose untiring devotion to the Lord JESUS CHRIST, and to the ministry of the Gospel, who has been used of GOD to accomplish much for Him, we do affectionately dedicate this little volume of Christian poems.

As a young man of 19, Brother Hitchcock began his active service for the Lord, as a creek-fording circuit rider in the area of Ava, Missouri, deep in the heart of the Ozarks. Later he also taught school in Taney County at "Possum Trot", often riding many hours on horseback in all kinds of weather to preach and teach GOD's word.

After a short term at Taylor University in 1923, he and his wife were called to the foreign mission field where they served six years in Japan, Korea, Formosa, and China.

When at home on their first furlough, the door closed to foreign missions, and after a short term in the pastorate, the Lord opened a new field of service on an international level, through the media of radio.

Under the incorporate name of "The Faith of Our Fathers Program," -- Mr. Hitchcock's teaching ministry has been a source of Spiritual blessing to thousands of people throughout the Ozarks, during more than 26 years of daily broadcasting over KWTO at Springfield. Over 50 countries have been reached with the Gospel by his overseas programming. And, unknown scores have been blessed and strengthened through the printed page, youth Bible camps, and Bible conferences, which have become an important phase of the work.

Through all these years Brother Hitchcock has been much in demand as a guest speaker, and his personal appearances and presentation of colored motion pictures, which he took on several trips to the Holy Land and to other foreign mission fields, have made him one of the most loved and respected servants of GOD in all the Ozarks.


all who
love GOD and
believe His word
and who delight to
study the prophetic
scriptures for needed light and
truth concerning the present and
the future, this book is graciously dedicated


The material given in this book was originally prepared and given as a series of Bible Lectures over KWTO in Springfield, Missouri. They were later presented over WJJD in Chicago, Illinois. The literary style of the book is therefore quite different from that of the ordinary writer on Bible subjects because the material was arranged for an oral presentation and was given in that manner.


Our method of study and exposition has been very simple and to the point because our purpose has been to give a chapter by chapter study and exposition of the entire book. In doing this our principal of interpretation has been to let the Scriptures act as their own commentary. After all the best commentary on the Bible is the Bible itself.


A study of the book of Daniel is very necessary and very timely for all those who are interested in current events in the light of Bible prophecy. With the whole world now at war it is natural that many people would like to know what the outcome of these things is going to be. It was for this very purpose that the book of Daniel was given unto us by the Lord, through His prophet.


The answer is, because "Prophecy is History Pre-written." It indicates both the wisdom and fore-knowledge of GOD. In Isaiah 41:23, GOD challenges the gods of the heathen by saying: "Let them bring them forth, and show us what will happen; let them show the former things, what they be, that we may consider them, and know the latter end of them; or declare us things to come. Show the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that ye are gods."

In other words, the inability of the gods of the heathen to foreknow and foretell, or declare things to come, is sufficient proof that they are no gods at all.

Fulfilled prophecy, therefore, is one of the strongest proofs we have of the divine inspiration of the Scriptures. And the fact that the GOD of the Bible does foreknow and foretell coming events, so that they come to pass exactly as recorded in His word, is chief among all reasons why we should believe and trust in Him, and in the sure word of prophecy which He has given.

THE FIRST GREAT PROPHECYThe first great prophecy was spoken by GOD Himself immediately after man has sinned, and is recorded in Genesis 3:15. In that prophetic pronouncement GOD said: "I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel." In prophetic language this was the first promise of a Saviour, who was to be the seed of the woman. It also declared that the seed of Satan would bruise His heel. In other words, it is CHRIST, the seed of the woman, and Antichrist the seed of Satan, that are brought to our attention in this passage. They are presented as enemies by divine appointment, and were to be engaged in a deadly combat that would result in bruising the head of Satan, and the heel of the CHRIST.

In other words, it was the whole plan of redemption in one verse. It revealed to fallen man the future purposes of GOD in redemption. It became at once the foundation stone, and the foundation-head of all prophecy. All subsequent prophecy has merely added detail to the general statement of fact given here. This original prophecy established the fact that man's redemption from sin was dependent upon a Saviour who would be the seed of the woman. It also declared that the bruising of Satan's head was dependent upon the man who was to be the seed of the woman. The victory of CHRIST, as the Son of GOD, and the defeat of Antichrist, as the son of Satan, therefore, became at once the subject and burden of all prophecy, and the doctrine of the virgin birth became the necessary means whereby GOD purposed to bring these things about.

We are not surprised, therefore, to find that the Bible, which is a divine revelation of GOD's plan of redemption, is largely a book of prophecy. The time element involved in redemption has made prophetic Scriptures a necessity.


A careful examination of the major covenants of the Bible, such as the Adamic, the Noahic, the Abrahamic, the Mosaic, the Davidic, the Palestinian, and the New Covenant will reveal that they are largely prophetic in nature and material, and that they form a well outlined, systematic program of redemption. Many of the Psalms also are prophetic, and fit well into the divine plan. JESUS often quoted from the Psalms, as well as from other Old Testament prophecies.

The Old Testament prophets prophecied that JESUS, the virgin born man, the seed of the woman, would come. When He did come -- JESUS was Himself a great prophet. Much of His preaching was made up of wonderful prophetic statements. The 24th and 25th chapters of Matthew are an example of the prophetic utterances of JESUS. Therefore, how can we understand the true message of JESUS, and teach it to others, unless we understand the full intent of the wonderful prophecies he uttered during His ministry.


The Apostle Peter encouraged all Christians to study the prophetic Scriptures when he said in II Peter 1:19, "We have also a more sure word of prophecy whereunto ye do well that ye take heed as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn and the day star arise in your hearts."

The night is growing dark about us, and it is difficult for us to find our way, but if we understand the prophetic Scriptures, the beacon light of prophecy will light the way before us, and we can march on into the deepening shadows with faith and hope and courage, knowing full well that all that GOD has prophecied in His word He will bring to pass.

Therefore, let us give ourselves to a prayerful study of the prophetic Scriptures of both the Old and New Testament, and in doing so we shall receive knowledge, light, hope, and a special blessing, and we shall be enabled also to discern the signs of the times, and to know what the will of the Lord is.


The Book of Daniel reveals unto us in a very interesting and unique way the March of Empire as GOD knew it would be during "The Times of the Gentiles." Daniel, although he was a Jewish Prophet, became the great prophet of GOD to the Gentiles.


Realizing that the current events of these very days in which we live are, as it were, an index finger pointing toward the fulfillment of those things which have been prophecied in the Book of Daniel, I submit the material contained in the pages of this book hoping and praying that it may be used of the Lord to bring needed light and truth and spiritual blessing and understanding to Jews, Gentiles and Christians alike.

Very sincerely yours in His fellowship and service.

-- Floyd Hitchcock

JESUS CHRIST is "Divine Love Incarnate""And without controversy great is the mystery of Godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory" -- I Timothy 3:16



Look for the way-marks as you journey on,
Look for the way-marks, passing one by one;
Down through the ages, past the kingdoms four,
Where are we standing? Look the way-marks o'er.

First the Assyrian kingdom ruled the world,
Then Medo-Persia's banners were unfurled;
And after Greece held universal sway,
Rome seized the scepter -- where are we today?

Down in the feet of iron and clay,
Weak and divided, soon to pass away;
What will the next great, glorious drama be?
CHRIST and His coming, and eternity!

Look for the way-marks, the great prophetic way-marks,
Down through the ages, past the kingdoms four,
Look for the way-marks
The journey's almost o'er.

-- Selected


How lovely are Thy dwellings
O Lord God of Hosts

"How lovely are the faces of
The men who talk with GOD,
Lit with an inner sureness of
The path their feet have trod;

"How gentle is the manner of
A man who walks with Him,
No strength can overcome him, and
no cloud his courage dim.

"Keen are the hands and feet -- ah yes --
Of those who wait His will,
And clear as crystal mirrors are
The hearts His love can fill.

Some lives are drear from doubt and fear
While others merely plod --
But lovely faces mark the men
Who walk and talk with GOD!"

-- Pauline Prosser-Thompson

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