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THE PURPOSE OF THIS BOOK, very frankly and without apology, is to win people to a genuine faith in JESUS CHRIST as the eternal Son of GOD and the Bible as the Word of GOD, and to help strengthen the faith of those who already believe. The Christian faith is not founded on wishful thinking or blind acceptance of tradition, but rather on a tremendous body of real, objective evidence.

It is the aim of this little book to present in summary form some of this evidence, as well as to answer the most frequently raised objections to Biblical Christianity. The evidences and questions discussed are mostly of an objective type, rather than subjective or philosophic. The reader should realize, of course, that the evidence can never be presented with sufficient force to compel its acceptance in a mind which is already closed to the possibility of its truth. Otherwise, there would be no room for a free moral choice, and GOD desires that we come to Him willingly, in faith and love and gratitude.

Nevertheless, there is so much evidence available as basis for faith in CHRIST and His Word that one may find more than ample "reason for the hope," if he examines it with an open mind and willing heart. The testimony of this writer, for whatever it may be worth, is that, having studied at least some in most of the basic sciences, having belonged to many scientific societies and associated with scientists and intellectuals daily for twenty years, having taught in three great universities for fourteen years, having read thousands of books and articles on various scientific subjects - and at the same time having spent at least one hour every day for more than fifteen years in the study of the Bible - he is firmly convinced that every word of the Bible is inspired of GOD, absolutely free of error, with innumerable marks of divine inspiration throughout its pages. But, and perhaps more significantly, this objective conviction has been abundantly confirmed through the years by the experimental reality of the living CHRIST, dwelling in the heart by faith, supplying every need and making full provision for all "peace and joy in believing."

Among the greatest of His countless blessings have been a wonderful Christian wife and six fine children. The book is dedicated to them, and it is the prayer of us all that our heavenly FATHER will use it to bring encouragement and blessing to many readers, and that some may even be brought to the place of full acceptance of JESUS CHRIST as Lord and Saviour thereby.



Note: The books suggested below have been selected with the following requirements in mind:

(1) They are written from the perspective of full belief in complete Biblical inspiration and, in most cases, represent also the viewpoint advanced by the author in the CHAPTER for which they are listed.
(2) They are sufficiently recent so as to be still in print or otherwise easily available for study. Some are recent reprints of older works.
(3) They are scholarly works, well deserving of study, and yet are sufficiently nontechnical and lucid for the average reader to understand and enjoy.

This glossary of recommended books will help you to further your understanding of the Bible and science written from a view toward the absolute inspiration of the Word of GOD.


AALDERS, G. CH.: The Problem of the Book of Jonah; Tyndale Press, 1949, 60 pages
AMERICAN SCIENTIFIC AFFILIATION: Modern Science and Christian Faith; Van Kampen Press, 1948, 289 pages
BENSON, CLARENCE H.: The Greatness and Grace of GOD; Scripture Press, 1953, 224 pages
BROWN, ARTHUR I: Footprints of GOD; Dunham Pub. Co., 1943, 224 pages, Miracles of Science; Dunham Pub. Co., 1945, 287 pages
CHESNUT, D. LEE: The Atom Speaks; Eerdmans Pub. Co., 1951, 232 pages
CLARKE, R. E. D.: The Universe: Plan or Accident? Paternoster Press, 1949, 192 pages
DE VRIES, JOHN: Beyond the Atom; Eerdmans Pub. Co., 1948, 200 pages
GORDON, ERNEST: The Fact of Miracle; Marshall Jones Co., 1955, 126. pages
RAMM, BERNARD: The Christian View of Science and Scripture; Eerdmans Pub. Co., 1954, 368 pages
SANDEN, O. E.: Does Science Support the Scriptures? Zondervan Pub. House, 1951, 175 pages
SHORT, A. RENDLE: Modern Discovery and the Bible; Inter-varsity Press, 1951, 188 pages -: The Bible and Modern Medicine; Paternoster Press, 1953, 144 pages -: Wonderfully Made; Paternoster Press, 1951, 159 pages
WOOD, NATHAN R.: The Secret of the Universe; Eerdmans Pub. Co., 1955, 220 pages


BARCLAY, VERA: Darwin Is Not for Children; Herbert Jenkins Ltd., 1950, 256 pages
BOOTH, ERNEST S.: Biology: the Story of Life; Pacific Press, 1950, 710 pages
CLARK, HAROLD W.: Genes and Genesis; Pacific Press, 1940, 155 pages
CLARKE, R. E. D.: Darwin: Before and After; Paternoster Press, 1948, 155 pages
GRAEBNER, THEODORE: GOD and the Cosmos; Concordia Pub. House, 1943, 439 pages
HOOPER, E. RALPH: Does Science Support Evolution? Evangelical Publishers, 1947, 157 pages
KLOTZ, JOHN W.: Genes, Genesis, and Evolution; Concordia Pub. House, 1955, 573 pages
MARSH, FRANK L.: Evolution, Creation, and Science; Review & Herald, 1947, 304 pages : Studies in Creationism; Review & Herald, 1950, 421 pages
NELSON, BYRON C.: After Its Kind; Augsburg Pub. House, 1952, 217 pages : Before Abraham; Augsburg Pub. House, 1948,
119 pages
PRICE, GEORGE M.: Genesis Vindicated; Review & Herald, 1941, 313 pages
TINKLE, WILLIAM J.: Fundamentals of Zoology; Zondervan Pub. House, 492 pages


CLARK, HAROLD W.: The New Diluvialism; Science Publications, Inc., 1946, 222 pages
HANDRICH, THEODORE L.: Creation: Facts, Theories, and Faith; Moody Press, 1953, 311 pages: Everyday Science for the Christian; Concordia Pub. House, 1947, 188 pages
LEUPOLD, H. C.: Exposition of Genesis (Vol. I); Baker Book House, i950, 578 pages
NELSON, BYRON C.: The Deluge Story in Stone; Augsburg Pub. House, 1931, 190 pages
PRICE, GEORGE M.: Common Sense Geology; Pacific Press, 1946, 239 pages : Evolutionary Geology and the New Catastrophism; Pacific Press, 1926, 352 pages
REHWINKEL, ALFRED M.: The Flood; Concordia Pub. House, 1951, 372 pages
WHITHEY, DUDLEY J.: The Case for Creation (in six parts); Christian Evidence League, 1951, 140 pages : The Face of the Deep; Vantage Press, 1955, 102 pages
WREN, E. C.: Four Worlds; Northam, 1946,90 pages -: The Case for Creation; Christian Evidence League, 1949, 115 pages


ADAMS, J. McKEE.: Ancient Records and the Bible; Broadman Press, 1946, 397 pages
ALLIS, OSWALD T.: The Five Books of Moses; Presbyterian and Reformed Pub. Co., 1947, 319 pages
BRUCE, F. F.: Are the New Testament Documents Reliable? Inter-varsity Press, 1950, 118 pages
FINN, A. H.: The Author of the Pentateuch; Christian Evidence League, 1953, 166 pages
FREE, JOSEPH P.: Archaeology and Bible History; Scripture Press, 1950, 398 pages
GRIFFITH-THOMAS, W. H.: Christianity is CHRIST; Eerdmans Pub. Co., 1955, 161 pages
RAMSAY, WILLIAM M.: The Bearing of Recent Discovery on the Trustworthiness of the New Testament; Hodder & Stoughton, 1920, 427 pages .
RAMSEY, MICHAEL: The Resurrection of CHRIST; Westminster Press, 1946, 124 pages
RICE, JOHN R.: Is JESUS GOD? Sword of the Lord Publishers, 1951, 207 pages
SMITH, WILBUR M.: The Supernaturalness of CHRIST; W. A. Wilde Co., 1944, 235 pages
TENNEY, MERRILL C.: The New Testament: An Historical and Analytical Survey; Eerdmans Pub. Co., 1953, 480 pages
UNGER, MERRILL F.: Archaeology and the Old Testament; Zondervan Pub. House, 1954, 339 pages
WIGHT, F. H.: Highlights of Archaeology in Bible Lands; Moody Press, 1955, 259 pages
WISEMAN, P. J.: New Discoveries in Babylonia about Genesis; Marshall, Morgan. and Scott, 1946, 143 pages
YOUNG, EDWARD J.: An Introduction to the Old Testament; Eerdmans Pub. .co., 1949, 414 pages
ZWEMER, SAMUEL M.: The Origin of Religion; Loizeaux Bros., Inc., 1945, 256 pages


ALDERMAN, PAUL L.: The Unfolding of the Ages; Zondervan Pub. House, 1954, 148 pages
ANDERSON, ROBERT: The Coming Prince; Kregel Publications, 1954, 311 pages
BRADBURY, JOHN W. (Ed.): Hastening the Day of GOD; Author, 1953,262 pages
CALLAWAY, T. W.: CHRIST in the Old Testament; Loizeaux Bros., Inc., 1950, 191 pages
DAVIS, GEORGE T. B.: Bible Prophecies Fulfilled Today; Million Testaments Campaign, 1955, 111 pages
GAEBELEIN, ARNO C.: The Prophet Daniel; Kregel Publications, 1955, 212 pages
HULL, WILLIAM L.: The Fall and Rise of Israel; Zondervan Pub. House, 1954, 424 pages
KURTZ, EDWARD C.: Headlines; Union Gospel Press, 1952, 288 pages
SALE-HARRISON, L.: GOD and Israeli; Dunham Pub. Co., 1954, 151 pages :Palestine: GOD's Monument of Prophecy; Sale-Harrison Publications, 1933, 251 pages
STEWART, HERBERT: The Stronghold of Prophecy; Marshall, Morgan, and Scott, 1941, 127 pages
STONER, PETER: Science Speaks; Author, 1952, 91 pages
SMITH, WILBUR M.: World Crises and the Prophetic Scriptures; Moody Press, 1951, 384 pages
URQUHART, JOHN: Wonders of Prophecy; Pickering and Inglis, 1949, 241 pages

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