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TWO sentences in the Acts of the Apostles prove the significance and importance of Samuel's career:


"He gave unto them judges . . . until Samuel the Prophet" (Acts 13:20).


"All the prophets from Samuel and those that follow after" (Acts 3:24).


Until Samuel; from Samuel these suggestive prepositions indicate that this great life was a hinge, a bridge, a connecting-link, a meeting-place between two epochs "a place where two seas met."


The study of Samuel the Prophet is specially helpful to those who are called to live amid Time's "loud stunning tide." He was no recluse, dwelling apart in dreamy mysticism. Both as statesman and politician in the best sense, he was called upon to play a great part in his people's history. He was a kingmaker and a kingbreaker. What Bernard of Clairvaux was to the Middle Ages, that, but without his faults, Samuel was in early Hebrew history.


His life does not seem to have been often told; I trust, therefore, that this book may fulfil a distinct need; but I would like to express my special obligation to Dean Stanley's "Jewish Church," and W. J. Deane's "Samuel and Saul." Many other writers have supplied me with the local coloring, with which I have endeavored to make an accurate presentation of Samuel the Prophet, and necessarily of Saul the King.


F. B. Meyer

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