by Robert Cummins

Copyright © 1944

by Robert Cummings

edited for 3BSB by Baptist Bible Believer in the spirit of the Colportage ministry of a century ago

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As I continue to post items from my treasure box I am constantly impressed with the desire to bring you CHRIST-honoring messages. Here is one written by a missionary to India, Robert W. Cummings. It was written in 1944!

The subject of this message, in fact, the title of it is "GETHSEMANE", and this is from the Foreword:

"Those who have passed through grievous crushings have a peculiar right to speak to the oppressed and crushed. Life has given to me that right. And because there came into my hours of bitterest darkness a marvelous light, and hope and life were restored, the right to speak has become a pressing obligation. My Maker gave me a song in the night. That song of deliverance I must sing.

Into my sorrow, bondage, and night
JESUS has come; JESUS has come;
Bringing His gladness, freedom, and light
JESUS has come to me.

Into my sickness bringing His health,
Into my poverty bringing His wealth,
Into my sin to bear it Himself,
JESUS has come to me.

Yes, into a heart and mind hopelessly blacked out and utterly crushed, came One who Himself had been crushed; and when He came, darkness changed to day, and the life that had been ruined was restored. I would that it were possible to present that crushed Man of Gethsemane, who restored my soul, to every broken, bleeding, despairing heart in this appalling age! He alone is the solution to our problems, the answer to our quest.

Back in 1944, when our nation was engaged in a World War, the author of this pamphlet sought to bless and calm readers hearts and minds. His audience was certainly limited to a few hundred - if not maybe a thousand. Now it is certain that this dear missionary is with His Lord, and the words he wrote are long forgotten. Yet, his book was preserved by a dear old minister who hoped that one day the words would find new life. Before his quest could be realized, he too, laid down his armor and went to be with his Saviour.

His dear wife, wishing to continue that dream of her dear husband, by faith, placed them in the hands of a green, wet-behind-the-ears young Bible student over twenty years ago. No doubt she also has joined her husband in the presence of the saints in heaven.

Today, I type. Believing in my spirit that this is the work to which my blessed Lord has called me, to bring these old uncopyrighted, out-of-print treasures to a virtually unlimited audience. May they bless hearts again, even as they once did.

So, beloved readers of these precious treasures, read on and be blessed!

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