So Great Salvation

by John F. Strombeck

~ 1940 ~

Second Edition

Strombeck Agency, Inc.

Moline Illinois

~out of print and in the public domain~

No Evidence of a Current Copyright for the Printed Book Found

During online Internet searches of the Library of Congress database in Washington D.C., performed on 10-25-2004, this book was originally published prior to 1940 - but the copyright was not renewed within 28 years - so it is therefore in the public domain and free to be posted in its entirety despite recent publication.

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I heartily endorse this book because it brings out the only solution to the dilemma the world is in today. A wrong estimation of values is the cause of the chaos, suffering and bloodshed. There will be no lasting peace in the world until men discover that material values are minor values and the only things that have a real, genuine, lasting value are Spiritual things.

Men do not know how to protect their wealth against the future. Many realize the possibility of everything they have being wiped out and they can do nothing about it. There is a longing for something stable and certain.

To an age as this I, as a Christian business man recommend "SO GREAT SALVATION" which has been written by another Christian business man.

In this book are found all the important truths of salvation set forth in simple, concise, convincing and interesting language. I am glad to give this timely book my hearty endorsement.

R.G. Le Tourneau

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