for New Church Members

by Bill Wakefield

~ 1963 ~


~ out-of-print and in the public domain ~

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This verse, found in Psalm 11:3 is easily applicable to the sad state our churches are in today. Churches are imploding for want of solid biblical instruction. Please do not get me wrong - I am well aware that there are thousands of good, Bible-believing New Testament churches - but at the same time I am saying that even many of these churches are getting away from the importance of grounding new believers - new converts.

Back in 1978, the pastor of our church, the Mountain View Bible Baptist Church, Balibago, Angeles City, Republic of the Philippines (a missionary church situated outside of Clark Air Base) gave me a booklet containing the following lessons. This booklet is now out-of-print and therefore unavailable. From everything that I have been able to find, the copyright laws of such books allow that a copy may be preserved, providing no profit is gained, on an online site for posterity. This is what I am doing with the great many books and pamphlets that GOD has placed under my stewardship.

If you are a new believer, I encourage you to study these lessons with your Bible in hand. If you will learn these crucial tenets of doctrine now - it will fit you to leave behind the principles of the oracles of CHRIST and go on to perfection, i.e., maturity in the use of the things of GOD. Only GOD knows the degree to which He will use you if you will only surrender yourself to Him at the earliest.

Introduction and Acknowledgements

This booklet was originally prepared to use in the Baptist New Life Crusade of 1963. Its purpose is to introduce new believers to some vital Christian doctrines in preparation for church membership. It is hoped that this introduction will be only a beginning, and that each new believer will, after this study, earnestly engage in a daily study of GOD's Word in order that his knowledge of these and other vital truths may continue to increase.

The following people have contributed to this booklet: Pastor Bill Tisdale, Mrs. Delcie Wakefield, Pastor Bill Wakefield, and Dr. Elbert Walker. In addition, parts of this booklet have been adapted for use here in the Philippines from the book: "The Meaning of Church Membership" by Mrs. Sadie Crawley.

Bill Wakefield

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