The Lamp of Prophecy


Signs of the Times


H. A. Ironside, D.D., Litt.D.

Late Pastor, Moody Memorial Church, Chicago

Copyright © 1940


Zondervan Publishing House Grand Rapids, Michigan

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THE Apostle Peter tells us in the first chapter of his Second Letter that we do well to take heed in our hearts to the sure word of prophecy, which shines as a light in a dark place, while we are waiting for the dawning of the day and looking for the rising of the morning star. These words should be of special interest to the people of GOD in such portentous times as those in which our lot is cast. It is a great pity that in many evangelical churches the study of prophecy is almost entirely ignored and sometimes even frowned upon: and yet there is nothing more calculated to rouse Christians to a sense of their responsibility to live for GOD and give the Gospel to a lost world as the expectation of our Lord's imminent return.

In my own ministry, I have found untold blessing followed the proclamation of the great truths that are linked with this blessed hope. The pages that compose the present volume are either articles that have appeared in various periodicals during the past ten years or are stenographic reports of actual addresses delivered. While there is no exact order of presentation, yet they are all, in my judgment, intimately enough connected to form one whole, and may thus be read in order, as an attempt to open up the truth of the prophetic Word.

I have in mind particularly those who have not given much attention to these things or others who by wrong teaching have had their faith shaken. All I ask of each reader is that he read the messages with an open mind, and if at times he does not find himself in agreement with what is presented, that he search the Scriptures carefully to see whether these things be so. If they are not in accord with the Word, I would have no one receive them. But if convinced, as I am myself, that they do indeed set forth the truth concerning the near future as revealed in the inspired Writings, my hope is that under GOD they will prove to be for the edification and sanctification of those who accept their teaching.

H. A. Ironside

Chicago, Ill.

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