The Bob Jones University Lectures on Evangelism for 1958




Tom Malone, D.D.


Foreword by Dr. Bob Jones, Jr.
President, Bob Jones University Greenville, South Carolina


Copyright © 1958


Bob Jones University

Greenville, South Carolina

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This is the eighth volume of the Lectures on Evangelism delivered annually at Bob Jones University. This is the first volume to be published by Kregel’s in Grand Rapids.

As President of Bob Jones University, I feel a tremendous responsibility each year to select carefully the man who shall be invited to deliver the Lectures. I try to select either a man whom God has singularly blessed in the conducting of Scriptural evangelistic campaigns, a man who is known as an authority on evangelism and is engaged in the promotion of such work, or a pastor who is noted for a strong, evangelistic and soul-winning ministry in his own church and in the conducting of special evangelistic meetings for other pastors.

Dr. Malone has built in the last few years one of the largest and strongest churches on this Continent. It has been built around his own evangelistic ministry and personal soul-winning efforts. He is the founder and head of a Christian day school and Seminary. He is the editor of a paper which is both uncompromising in its orthodoxy and evangelistic in its emphasis.

I am convinced that any man who loves the Lord and is interested in the salvation of souls and the reviving of the Church will approve my choice of Dr. Malone as the Lecturer for 1958. I am convinced, too, that the excellent quality of the setup and printing of this volume is an indication of an equally good choice in the publisher.

In February, 1959, James A. Stewart, Scotch evangelist, internationally known for his powerful preaching, his Scriptural approach, and his uncompromising stand for the fundamentals of the Faith, will deliver to the students and faculty of Bob Jones University the next annual series of Lectures on Evangelism. These will be published in due course so that others outside the University family may share in the same sort of instruction and blessing which we are sure they will find in the present volume.

Bob Jones, Jr.
President Bob Jones University

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