What The Christian Owes the Jew

E.F. Webber, D.D.

Copyright © 1950

by E.F. Webber, D. D.

edited for 3BMB by Baptist Bible Believer in the spirit of the Colportage Ministry of a century ago

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This book is dedicated to The Jew with all the love of my Christian heart.

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee" (Psalm 122:6)

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The lack of information on the part of the Christians concerning GOD's program for the Jews and their connection with Christianity is appalling. On the other hand the Jews are strangers to CHRIST and Christianity. The persecution heaped upon the Jews by professing Christians in every land has made them fear to go inside of a Church, read a New Testament, read Christian literature or listen to a message concerning CHRIST. Multitudes of them live in villages and cities where there are Churches, but were never invited to services or interviewed by pastors or laymen concerning their souls.

Able and spiritual literature should be placed in the hands of Christians everywhere to acquaint them, first, with GOD's program for Israel. Second, to remind them of the debt we owe the Jews for many of our modern inventions and discoveries as well as the part they had in winning the two great world wars. I believe that if this could be done Anti-Semitism would disappear from a sense of gratitude and it would at the same time open the doors to Jewish homes for the Gospel.

Dr. E.F. Webber is well prepared for this work by years of study, travel, personal contact, radio ministry and public address. His love for GOD's Word has given him a love for Israel that is genuine. His book manifests years of preparation. It consists of six chapters.

Each chapter is brief and to the point. I like this feature for one does not lose the point by voluminous discussion. The style is fascinating. The book will fill a great need in Christian literature. I pray that it shall be placed in many thousands of homes and shall be used of GOD to break down Anti-Semitism as well as to lead many Jews to know their MESSIAH and SAVIOUR.

O.E. PHILLIPS, President
Hebrew Christian Fellowship, Inc.
Mr. Thompson was a good Christian. But he did not like the Jews and no effort to convert Jews to Christianity won either favor or support from him. One night, Mr. Thompson dreamed that he was dead. It was a satisfaction to him as he sped upward to think that he would be missed below. He caught some of the kind things said about him as a citizen, a husband and a father, a church member and all the rest, and he felt he was getting his due.

So he entered Heaven. It was lovely beyond all imagining. But as time passed he grew uneasy. Joseph and David and Elijah and Peter and John? Where was his favorite apostle Paul? Nay, where was JESUS Himself? It annoyed Mr. Thompson to realize that he had never yet had even one glimpse of JESUS. He confided his annoyance to an angel.

"Oh, dear me!" quoth the angel, "we have placed you in the very part of Heaven we though would be most to your mind. All the gentlemen you have mentioned are Jews, you know, JESUS Himself was a Jew, wasn't He? Well, you never liked Jews, and in this part of Heaven you will never be troubled with the sight of a single one of them."

Whereupon Mr. Thompson awoke, not sorry (we may be sure) to have the chance of revising some of his unholy prejudices, and looking with different eyes upon the people of whom after the flesh CHRIST came, and for whom, as for Mr. Thompson himself, He died.

A group of preachers heard this story from the lips of E.J.E. It got home. They were visibly affected. Conscience set to work in any number of ministerial breasts. Ladies in the gallery wept inwardly, as they recalled their objection to more than a mere pittance being given to the Women's Jewish Mission.

Let every one who has read it now, even according to our imperfect recollection of it, repeat it soon to some one else: and -- who knows? -- there may be fewer Mr. Thompsons henceforth



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