By Ruth Paxson

Author of

Life on the Highest Plane, Rivers of Living Water, etc.

Copyright @ 1930


This book is Number 182 is the Moody Colportage Library

edited for 3BSB by Baptist Bible Believer in the spirit of the Colportage Ministry of a century ago

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FOREWORD"For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness" (I Thessalonians 4:7).

It has been my privilege for many years to pray daily for the author of this book as one of the Lord's messengers, and I count it an added privilege to commend the record of these addresses to fellow believers, everywhere. Some years ago, when associated with Miss Paxson at the Pei Tai Ho Convention in North China, it was with joy that one listened to messages marked with real clarity of thought and depth of spiritual teaching. Since then there has been an inward longing that opportunity might be given in England for a larger circle to be reached and this year has seen the fulfillment of this desire at Keswick Convention.

It is not the author's thought that every utterance of hers may be of sufficient value to be stereotyped in print, but yielding to the request of publishers and, a number of friends these are to be issued in popular form as a companion volume to the one now so well known, Rivers of Living Water. The addresses are printed as delivered at the three meetings for ladies only and at the closing fellowship gathering and this will account for the more or less conversational style and freedom of approach.

There were many who prayed that this year's Keswick Convention would lead deeper into the truths of Scripture and the testimony of not a few is that these talks mark a part of the answer to those prayers.

That GOD may use this book to reveal to many of His servants the riches that there are in CHRIST JESUS and then by His Spirit to appropriate them for personal use will be my heartfelt prayer. In the words of a Chinese, great as an intercessor, "No one can do better than to study the Word of GOD devotionally and then pray it into the life. "

T. Gear Willett
China Inland Mission
September, 1936

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