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D. L. Moody

Copyright © 1900


Moody Press

edited for 3BSB by Jerry in the spirit of the Colportage Ministry of a century ago

~ out-of-print and in the public domain ~

No Evidence of a Current Copyright for the Printed Book Found

During online Internet searches of the Library of Congress database in Washington D.C., performed on 3-3-2005, this book was originally published prior to 1924 - it is therefore in the public domain and free to be posted in its entirety despite recent publication.

Please note: Below is the Introductory material of the book, however, if you wish to continue reading this fine book [and I truly hope you do!] download the chapter(s) from the document file (which is absolutely free). You will have the option to either simply open it or to save it as your own possession. GOD bless you from the Baptist Bible Believers website!

Please tell all of your friends and Church about this website, pray for this ministry - and that will be payment enough!


PREFACEhe study of the men and women of the Bible has been to me one of the most intense interest. The ways of GOD with different men, in different periods, and under different circumstances, yet always revealing the same wisdom, love and power, have filled me with wonder and with praise. I send forth the few sketches contained in the following pages in the hope that others may be led to similar studies with as much instruction and delight as these have afforded me.

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